I’m not Goth!

No seriously!

Despite my pechant for creating dark site themes and artwork and also my interest 18th – 19th century industry and culture, I don’t belong in this category.  Is this because I have an interest in Steampunk?

It’s been the fith of sixth time I’ve been asked this question and people still refuse to believe it.

I don’t even wear Gothic attire. My poetry is atrocious, hence non-existent to any meaningful degree. I don’t drink Absinthe (in fact, I don’t imbibe any alcohol). Don’t own a top hat, walking stick, tailcoat, trechcoat or anything similar. I don’t wear makeup.

I’m not saying these are definitive traits of all Goths, but they seem to be part of the matching criteria most people tend to identify… Rather unfortunate considering.

Besides, this label is so last century. I know a few real “Goth” people who would thumb their noses at the term.

Seriously, what gives?!


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