Misconceptions about Obama

I sould emphasize that these people DO NOT represent the majority of America. In fact, they don’t represent the majority of White America.

Brace yourself for a wall of ignorance that will put the Great Wall of China to shame.

Recieved via Email : Thanks Josh.

I’m actually embarrassed by the label “Conservative”. I never thought that would happen, as I’ve fancied myself a moderate. But I’m starting to shy away from that term entirely. This might be a case of guilt by association, but I find these people completely disgusting.

Note : I didn’t make this post as an endorsement of Obama. I won’t use this blog to promote one politician or another. Just be reasonable, informed and please use to your own common sense.


2 thoughts on “Misconceptions about Obama

  1. Just be reasonable, informed and please use to your own common sense.

    What’s the opposite of common sense? A rare dollar!

    Particularly appalling to me (the whole scene was appalling, to be perfectly frank) was the fact that “Muslim” is apparently a negative connotation. Of course, it’s painfully obvious when someone says Obama is a Muslim that they have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about, but even if he was, why would that be a bad thing?

    I like the reporter’s comments about hatred and fear at the end of the clip. It’s certainly still true.

  2. There are, of course, extremists in every camp.

    Heh, I’m from Sri Lanka, and I’ve seen Buddhist extremists as well.
    (Yes, they do exist!)

    They may have a real bias against Muslims as well, but the “Muslim” label applied to Obama is, I think, just thinly veiled racism.

    The religion, political ties and other collective labels don’t matter. People will find any excuse to hate someone if so inclined.

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