[insert name] Language sucks

So it isn’t just me then. There are many people out there who have their own favorite hatred of [insert name] programming, scripting or query language for various reasons.

Here’s a small list courtesy of Google CodeSearch :

Of course some of the problems mentioned could have been alleviated by using programming best practices from the onset of the project. A lot of the frustration I see is a result of trying to force and wrangle the language to make it do something in a way that could have been accomplished with a different method.

Why fight it when you can maneuver it instead?

3 thoughts on “[insert name] Language sucks

  1. The only real bone I have to pick with a language is that satanic abomination known as Matlab. Perl and I are on shaky terms, but we tend to respect each other’s personal space. JavaScript and I have a few squabbles every now and then, and very rarely C smacks me upside the head as yet another reminder that it is not, in fact, Java.

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