I do have a full time job and a bazillion side projects. Besides that, my major software project is moving at a snail’s pace (but still moving) among all of that.

I’ve been… oh what’s the word I’m looking for… busy!
Stop emailing me!

I’ll post the results of my last project when I’m done.


6 thoughts on “Absence

  1. Well, I’ve actually been trying to throw away the old ideas of a “Control Panel” for web sites. I.E. What we find on WP.

    Instead, I’ve been trying to build a dropdown dashboard like widget that can be applied to the whole site and be accessible from any page. It’s actually intended to make editing a site from a mobile phone or other web-enabled device much easier.

    Imagine the top dashboard bar you see when you visit wordpress.com when you’re logged in. But being able to access articles, forum posts, store etc… without having to navigate to a seperate control panel.

    We’ll see if this will work or be a spectacular failure ;)

  2. So far all of the server-side code was written in C#
    But that’s to keep it compatible with both Windows and Linux (via Mono). But the client-side scripting is plain HTML and JavaScript.

    The idea is to keep the concept as flexible as possible so the techniques can be used in any language. Even Perl, PHP or Ruby.
    I’m not really designing a “platform”, but a proof of concept that can be applied to any site framework.

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