Google Groups = Blogspot

And here’s the proof…
Google Groups spam

What’s really sad is that they’ve even managed to spam the Web Archive
Archive spam

This proves, once again, my point about building a thought archive. The much overlooked resource in building any sort of archive are the people. The Web Archive is far too automated and this shows the result of such automation. Nusance sites that were taken down are still available thanks to poor filtering.

Until truly intelligent machines are invented, a human review system is absolutely vital for any mass collective. I.E. Open directory.


3 thoughts on “Google Groups = Blogspot

  1. Hmm, my take on this is different. I did an SEO job for a few months a while back, you tended to see spamy sites like these trying to masqurade their links inside legitimate looking 301 redirects (or even Google searchs or cache requests.)

  2. (Sorry to double post) I agree with you, there should be some way of filtering this rubbish out of the Internet Time machine – it is unlikely people will want to look back at 2006/7/8 to see how internet spam developed. You never know I guess…

  3. I know what you mean. It may not be practical now.
    But I think most of this could have been taken care of long ago.

    Take a site like LiveVideo for example.
    You can’t upload anything without it being reviewed first. And it’s a pretty busy site.
    So it can be done.

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