Dear Santa… For Christmas this year, I’d like you to kill technology

… And, I’d like a pony. So I don’t have to move to the mountains and become a hermit or remain here and attempt to throw my TV out the window and risk hitting an infant in a baby carriage.

As you most of you would realize, moving can be a pain. And packing enough toilet paper (or old news papers, corn cobs, sponges etc…) can be a hassle on a long trip, especially without a pony. I’d like to avoid the whole mess of it all and not have to worry about what other infuriating subject I will come across on the Internet. E.G. Writing here is just another chore. I could just as well use paper to write all of this, but then it’s difficult to erase repeatedly and preserve an expletive free page. And I don’t have to write about it, if I don’t see it.

Honestly, does anyone even remember what Christmas was about? No pun intended : Thank God for the Amish.  Say what you will about those people, but at least they practice what they preach (for the most part). They’re possibly just one part of a very small number of people who call themselves “Christians”, that truly understood the message of Christ. As so plainly illustrated by the aftermath of the recent school shooting tragedy.

Forgiveness, Mercy, Tolerance, Non-violence… These people have manged to restore some of my lost faith in humanity. And above all else, they are proof that you can sustain a civilization (perhaps not to that extreme) without superfluous technology. As I have tried to make clear before. The machines serve us, we do not serve them. It’s time to stop making technology an ends and instead return it to its proper place as a means to increase your quality of life. If it serves no useful purpose, get rid of it. Or better yet, give it away to someone who truly needs it.

Nothing you own or think you own, in this world, is permanent. So stop trying to fill whatever void you have in your soul with a sieve that is technology.

I’m not of the Christian faith, but this time of the year, true Christians (and you know who you are) make me proud!

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