Steampunk with a vengeance

This man is my new hero!

Of all the things I ever wanted to do with my LCD, this man already thought most of it out. Ironic, considering I have the exact same model. And the results are quite pretty. While I’m not brave enough to take apart my LCD, yet, I have been looking into cleaning up some stuff that have been taking up too much space and too much effort to maintain. This is just the excuse I need to throw out a few things and mold a few more into worthwhile items.

Back to my basic premise on the subject of Steampunk, I feel we’ve lost something unique and beautiful to the mass produced, disposable, consumer culture. Technology used to be something we took pride in; Not the OMG, I’M GETTING AN IPHONE pride, but an artistic and aesthetic pride that wasn’t sterile and devoid of loving labor.

Some of you may see the iPhone and iMac aesthetics and see something beautiful. I see artificial, sterile, mass-production. While it isn’t practical to have every consumer electronic device manufactured by hand to these specifications, in an effort to modernize, we are left with something of a void in the cultural aspect as well as a detachment from the laborer.

When was the last time you admired a piece of antique furniture or stared at an old steam locomotive and sit in awe of the workmanship and attention to detail? Human beings did all that work, and what a piece of work!

I hope we don’t completely loose our love of had-crafted machinery to the past. I’m not the type to stay attached to overly ornamental things as my preference for utilitarian tools, however, I certainly do appreciate the effort and time it takes to make items such as that.

I just wish local manufacturing will gain in popularity so hand-made, arguably higher quality and durable, items will see the light of day in greater numbers.

One thought on “Steampunk with a vengeance

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