Jump through hoops? Let’s not

Perhaps my job is starting to influence my behavior outside the work environment.

As it is highly unlikely that I will need or want to engage in any physically demanding activity unless one considers sitting in a chair for countless hours, upright, a physical activity, my health-conscious colleagues enjoy repeating themselves and doing unnecessarily stress inducing activities.

If I have a method or means of doing a simple job and simple work will suffice, why am I asked to build complex scaffolding for features and improvements that are never needed?

Let’s switch back to English…

Say an individual needs a simple method of creating content (text for example).
And a means of categorizing it so it may be organized.
A method of searching said content.
And a method of commenting on said content by visitors…

Most of you will jump to suggest WordPress.

But say the individual is 5 years old and does not wish to share the same, simple, method as his/her other 5 year old siblings because, after all, children are chronically selfish creatures. This is the dilemma faced by many of my fellow programmers today. We sure have the means to quickly and efficiently deliver a customized, existing, product, but if it is being used by someone else, it is spoiled goods.

I don’t understand this logic. I do understand that in certain circumstances something unique is required, however, these 5 year olds seem to have a lot of cash to throw around. So on every occasion something unique, different, all the while serving the same purpose will be created. The loyal lap-dogs… er… I mean programmers will reinvent the wheel at great financial cost to please them.

What are the priorities? Aren’t the content and the visitors the priorities? Isn’t presentation a priority? Isn’t management the same?
Haven’t all these concerns already been met?

Hooray for 5 year olds!
You keep us in business, while ruining our sandboxes with the same urine and vomit!

I’m not saying WordPress is the solution to every situation, on the contrary. I am saying all this has been done before. Many, many, many times over!

Innovation is being stifled by decade old regurgitated methods of content management (that term in itself has become a cliché). It’s been done, the concept is old, it’s not new in any guise. Time to move on already! Stop adding minor features here and there and calling it all brand new. And stop encouraging your patrons to buy the same products. Create new ones! New concepts! Prove your worth!

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