What’s this now

I was quite recently fortunate enough to see a documentary on Dadaism called the “ABC’s of Dada”

It was nothing like I’ve ever seen before, nothing like the people I’ve met before, but describes exactly my sentiment on cluture.

This isn’t even a close passing to what has happened in the last few years, but pretty much sums up exactly what is going on in the “climate” today in more ways than one. And boy, is it wonderful.

Now I’m going to go build a vertical axis windmill with squeaky gears and rusty bars with old canvas as blades. It will have no semblence of modern technology, but will be able to do what I want to do.

And in the end that is the best form of technology. Technology that cannot be discerned or appears as sufficiently low-tech, but still is useful. And above all else, stays out of your way until you need it.


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